The first All New Yaris in North Wales!

Q & A with Premier Toyota customer, Mrs Watson

Mrs Watson, is the proud owner of the first All New Toyota Yaris, to be sold in North Wales and she kindly agreed to answer a few questions, about her new pride and joy!

Q: Congratulations on being the first customer, in North Wales, to collect the new generation Toyota Yaris. I understand that you have bought a few cars from Premier Toyota previously?

A: Yes, I have. They have all been Yaris and all of my previous cars were manual. I had never driven an automatic car before.

Q: How did you feel about making the switch, from manual, to driving an automatic car?

A: I was nervous, but Stuart (Sales Executive) took the time to explain everything to me and showed me how to drive the car. He made sure that I was comfortable with everything. I am finding it easy to drive and it is very smooth.

Q: I find driving an automatic is very useful on long journeys, as it gives my left leg a rest! Have you noticed a better MPG, in your new hybrid?

A: It is a bit early for me to say yet, but I understand that I will have a much better MPG in a hybrid, yes. Also the benefits to the environment, of course, as I will be using less petrol. It's kinder to the environment.

Q: The All New Yaris has lots of great features and technology, do you have any favourites?

A: I think that is something more for my husband, as I am not very good with that type of thing, but I do love the reversing camera! I was not very good at parking before, so the reversing camera is very useful and I am much better at it now.

Q: I really like the reversing camera too. Could you tell me about your experience of being a Premier Toyota customer?

A: I always receive a fabulous service, from everyone at Premier Toyota, They take time to explain everything fully and make sure that you are comfortable with everything. They really look after you and the after service is excellent too.

Congratulations, on your new car, Mrs Watson and thank you for taking the time to speak with us.

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